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Take the pledge to attend the NAESP Best Practices for Better Schools Conference™ NOW, because an event like this only comes around once a year.

You will gain more from the NAESP Best Practices for Better Schools Conference™ than hundreds of books and podcasts… all over the course of three days, during the summer. Apply the knowledge and skills you learn in your school and in your career.
General Program Details

Conference Strands

leading_icon  Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities

tech_icon  Technology and Social Media

arts_icon  Arts Education

transform_icon  Transforming Schools

emerge_icon  Emerging Issues

leadership_icon  High Leverage Leadership

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Who Should Attend?

Principals and Assistant Principals

Learn New Ways to lead and inspire your entire school community

Teachers and Educators

Explore new strategies, lesson planning ideas, and classroom management techniques

District and State Administrators

Get the latest ideas and best practices to support staff development